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Melbourne is a creatively energetic and lively cosmopolitan city to explore. A regular city tour of Melbourne won't be enough to truly discover all there is to see and do in Melbourne, and the best way to explore the city is through the eyes of a local on a unique Urban Adventures Melbourne tour.

For a real taste of Melbourne hop on one of our Urban Adventure tours of Melbourne and find the iconic sights and little known treasures of this amazing city. And whilst you're in Australia, check out our other Urban Adventures in Sydney and Brisbane.

Moonlight Kayak Tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 99.00
Moonlight Kayak Tour
from 30 reviews
Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

See Melbourne's nightlife from a safe distance while paddling a kayak past bars and under bridges. Stop for a unique 'on water' dinner before powering on like a pro. This Melbourne tour is the perfect combo of action and indulgence.

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Bike About Tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 78.00
Bike About Tour
from 8 reviews
Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

Biking in Melbourne is so hot right now, what with all the bike lanes, flat terrain and cycle paths. So join the cool kids on this Melbourne tour that gives the middle finger to big, old tour buses and embraces pedal power.

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City Sights Kayak Tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 82.00
City Sights Kayak Tour
from 13 reviews
Length: 1.5 hours

Score the best view in town on this Melbourne tour that bypasses the pedestrian traffic. Take to the water and cruise at zero altitude while admiring the sights of Melbourne - without having to side step people, cars and trams.

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Footy, Winmar
From AUD 50.00
Aussie Rules Melbourne Tour
Length: 4 - 5 Hours

We all know that Aussies are a pretty passionate breed, but when it comes to AFL, they make Justin Beiber's 'Beliebers' look indifferent. Join this Melbourne tour to get the scoop on the most beloved sport in Australia, from its indigenous roots, to the biggest moments in AFL history, and the stadiums they were played in. You might even get to have a bit of a kick around, so don't forget to bring your game face.

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In Focus: Untold Abbotsford tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 40.00
In Focus: Untold Abbotsford
Length: 3 hours

Explore city streets with those who know them best: the people who live on them. Escape the touristy CBD and discover the corners even locals don’t know about. Hear the story of a neighbourhood’s transformation, told by a social enterprise that’s helping Melbourne’s homeless. 

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South Melbourne Market Adventure tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 140.00
South Melbourne Market Adventure
Length: 4.5 hours

Get out of the city centre and explore Melbourne as a local!  South Melbourne is a buzzing, colourful market village with soul. It’s the city’s coffee central and the place for all things food, heritage, and culture. Go behind the scenes, taste the food, meet the vendors, and discover local culture and history.

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