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Melbourne is a creatively energetic and lively cosmopolitan city to explore. A regular city tour of Melbourne won't be enough to truly discover all there is to see and do in Melbourne, and the best way to explore the city is through the eyes of a local on a unique Urban Adventures Melbourne tour.

For a real taste of Melbourne hop on one of our Urban Adventure tours of Melbourne and find the iconic sights and little known treasures of this amazing city. And whilst you're in Australia, check out our other Urban Adventures in Sydney and Brisbane.

Footy, Winmar
From AUD 50.00
Aussie Rules Melbourne Tour
Length: 4 - 5 Hours

We all know that Aussies are a pretty passionate breed, but when it comes to AFL, they make Justin Beiber's 'Beliebers' look indifferent. Join this Melbourne tour to get the scoop on the most beloved sport in Australia, from its indigenous roots, to the biggest moments in AFL history, and the stadiums they were played in. You might even get to have a bit of a kick around, so don't forget to bring your game face.

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In Focus: Untold Abbotsford tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 40.00
In Focus: Untold Abbotsford
Length: 3 hours

Explore city streets with those who know them best: the people who live on them. Escape the touristy CBD and discover the corners even locals don’t know about. Hear the story of a neighbourhood’s transformation, told by a social enterprise that’s helping Melbourne’s homeless. 

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 Melbourne Bites & Sights (with Eureka Skydeck), Melbourne tour
From AUD 115.00
Melbourne Bites & Sights (with Eureka Skydeck)
Length: 3 hours

Melbourne has so much to offer, it can’t be fully experienced in just three hours — but that won’t stop us from trying! Start at Melbourne’s highest viewpoint and weave your way through its streets. Sip a famous Melbourne flat white, discover the street art scene, sample multicultural food, and finish things off with a hidden laneway bar. From what makes it famous to why the locals love it, we’ll show you the best of Melbourne!

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Booze Makes History Better tour, Melbourne tour
From AUD 49.00
Booze Makes History Better
from 1 review
Length: 3 hours

Through gold rushes and rebellions, Olympics and royal visits, Melburnians have turned to ales, whiskeys, wines, and cocktails for comfort.  Experience Melbourne’s unique bar scene with a local guide and visit its unique watering holes. By the end of his tour, you’ll discover that history really is better with booze (as if there was ever any doubt)! 

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 United States of Food (with Queen Victoria Markets), Melbourne tour
From AUD 79.00
United States of Food (with Queen Victoria Markets)
from 1 review
Length: 4 hours

It's no secret that Australians share common values with our neighbours across the Pacific. And now, Melburnians are embracing that culture with an American food renaissance. Join our Yankee guides and experience the rich cultural heritage taking hold in our city. Learn about American and Aussie barbecues’ shared heritage, and discover a secret bar playing host to an American tradition from 1869: pinball. And whatever you do, bring your appetite. Yee-haw!

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 Total Melbourne Tour
From AUD 149.00
Total Melbourne Tour: Bites, Sights, Booze & History
Length: 6 hours

Take in the best of Melbourne in one epic afternoon! This tour merges two of our most popular Melbourne tours into one experience, taking you from the heights of the city’s best viewpoint down to the laneways of hidden bars and cafes. We’ll pack the day with so many fun facts about Melbourne’s history and modern culture that by the end you’ll be an honorary Melburnian! 

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